No Excuses Thanksgiving Thousand

Better late than never.  9 amazing women joined me on this cold & rainy day to become #bettertogether.

Warm up:

Arm stretches across body & over head, arm swings & circles, quad stretches, wind mills

The event:

We did 1,000 reps total (actually 1050 because we are over achievers)

25 pushups

50 lunges (your choice – forward, backward, or walking)

25 tricep dips

50 wood chops (25 each side)

25 calf raises

50 mtn climbers (25 each side)

25 donkey kicks (each side which is where we overachieved)

50 plank taps (25 each side)

100 high knees

100 plank jacks

We then did all of those over again but instead of the high knees & plank jacks we did 100 jumping jacks & 100 squats.

We had a few minutes to start the next 1,000 but didn’t get very far.

Cool down – light stretches

COT – named our two new FNG’s (one being my sister) and hurried home to get out of the rain.

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