Oh Balls…

Fit-ish At 55 Scratch BDay Q

April 8, 2019

  • When: 04/06/2019
  • Q: Pinterest
  • Pax: Sugarland, Diggity Dog, Whole Coconut, Homeland, Trailblazer, Straight Shooter

Oh Balls!

Today after a quick warm-up each Pax grabbed a numbered bouncy ball out of a container and had to do the exercise correlating to that number. We kept it simple with six exercises and 25 reps for each. After a ball is pulled and exercise performed Pax ran around the playground and drew another ball. The wonderful thing is that you can potentially keep getting stuck with the same exercise since the Balls are thrown back into the container each time one is drawn. This lasted for about 40 minutes.

1- Squats

2- bicep curls

3- monkey humpers

4- imperial walkers

5- chair with side step

6- dead lifts

Water Break

Ring if Fire abs edition… 6 rounds with 5 big girl sit-ups as the break out exercise.

LBCs, bicycles, Russian twist, box cutters, leg lifts, in and outs

We ended with a BB side series Pilates. Laying on your side with top leg slightly lifted we performed a total of 8 exercises 10 reps each with NO LEG REST!!! Repeat on other side/leg

After some much needed stretching we had COT with prayers extending to a FiA’s family member in desperate need of Gods will to be done and peace to the rest of the family.

Lauren Ringer

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