Oh what a Launch!

I am so excited for this Dean Rusk location launch and was so happy to have a total of 10 PAX and 2 FNGs come out for our first beatdown at the new location! I “hope” this one sticks around. 🙂

We warmed up with some Jumping Jacks (IC), Toy Solders (IC), arm circles (small to big) forwards then backwards. We ended our warm up with a little game of Catch me if You Can with a BOPO courtesy of Valor as our exercise. If you haven’t had the pleasure of doing a BOPO with Valor it is a painfully awesome exercise that includes 1 Burpee, 1 one-legged burpee, 1 burpee with a plank jack then another 1-legged burpee on the other side. Each PAX finished at least 3 BOPOs and got to check off a Bingo box.

The Thang:

DORA’s in the bus lanes. This is a partner exercise but we stayed together as a group for each round so if one group finished a round early then they held a plank until everyone finished before starting the next exercise.

Round 1: 100 Bicep Curls (Run + 5 monkey humpers)

Round 2:  150 Overhead Tricep Extensions (Run + 5 jump squats)

Round 3: 200 Upright Rows (Run + 5 smurf jacks)

Round 4: 250 Chicken Wings (Run + 5 imperial squat walkers)

After the 4 DORA rounds we all came together and knocked out some ab exercises with Partly Cloudy by pulling an exercise out of her famous “Bag of Abs”.  We did some reverse crunches, LBCs, Russian Twists, biscuits (aka bicycles), LBCs, and 100s.

We ended with our COT and name-o-rama. Prayers were lifted up for Veena, Mark, Caroline, my family and any unspoken prayer requests.

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