Partner AMRAPs

13 PAX gathered at The Den this morning for an AMRAP workout.  We started off in a circle doing arm circles and passing around jumping jacks.  We reversed for good measure.  Then added 10 TTTs in cadence to stretch out our legs and backs.  Once we were feeling warm, we partnered up.

5 Minute AMRAPs:

One partner stays and completed an exercise.  The other partner runs down the parking, completed 10 reps of a different exercise and runs back to swap.  Partners continue to swap until 5 minutes is up.  So, just like a Dora, but for time rather than reps.

1. Man makers, runner does 10 squats with kickbacks

2. Bourbons, runner does 10 lunges

3. Monkey Humpers, runner does 10 skaters

4. Around the Worlds, runner does 10 Carolina Dry Docks

5. Hold Plank, runner does 10 scarecrows

Then we all went back to our mats for a final AB AMRAP.  5 minutes, all abs:

10 LBCs

10 Russian Twists

10 Vertical Toe Touches

10 Heel Touches

It got really quiet during the ab AMRAP.  5 straight minutes of abs is hard.  But, everyone powered through!

We stretched for just a minute, then circled up for prayer requests and name-o-Rama.  We welcomed our FNG Super Star!

Lots of socials going on this week!  Wed night nutrition at Wonder Woman’s.  Friday night concert.  So much fun!

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