Phat Butts!!

3 PAX at AO The Thicket on a beautiful and warm Saturday morning. 

Warm-up – Stretch – Runner stretch, sky reaches, leg pulls, arm pulls. 

The Thang – Do each for 45 sec 2X – We did all three sets 2 times through. 

1st set :

A. Donkey kicks alternate

B. Sit up bring right leg up and clap behind knee, alternate doing sit ups

C. Squat till butt touches bench then right back up. Don’t sit.

D. Push-ups

Walk a big lap very quickly all together. 

2nd set

A. Plank

B. Toe touches – on your back

C. Superman

D. Bicycles – full leg extension

Walk a big lap very quickly all together.

3rd set if time

A. Plank jacks

B. Triceps dips

C. Jump squats

D. Inch worm

Walk a big lap very quickly all together

Name-o-roma, prayers for our FiA sisters and their families going through a lot & high fives for everyone. We had a banana and chatted a bit about life and small group. Then we went on with our day. Life is good and this was a great way to start our weekend. 

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