Play That Song REMIX!!

15 amazing ladies came out to help me celebrate my ?? Birthday!! You all are such a blessing in my life and I’m so thankful to be able to lead you in a fun challenging workout!! My original “Play That Song” workout was one of my faves so decided to do a “ReMix” today!

Heres the thang:

Each song had it’s own unique combination and or workout moves to go with it.

Tubthumping: SSH during song, “knocked down” do burpee

Cups: bicycles during song, “miss” BGS

Roxanne: tricep hold on bench with lateral foot taps, “roxanne” tricep dip

Happy: fast narrow squats, smurf jacks during chorus

Cotton Eye Joe: Male sing: hillbillies, Female sing: raggedy ann, instrumental squat tap side to side

Love the way you lie: Eminem- mt. climbers, Rhianna- LBCs

Switch: 1st verse forward lunges, 2nd verse rev. lunges, 3rd verse side lunges, chorus- squat pulse with in and out hop

Shake it out: hold in and out position, go in and out when she says “shake”

Sally- Squats

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