Plumber 911

My pre-blast (shown above) must have really intrigued people, because we had 18 PAX at The Den this morning!  I promised to provide a valid excuse to all PAX to not blow dry their hair today.

We warmed up with arm circles forward, then backward, then some Michael Phelps.  We did just a few stretches, reaching to the sky then down to touch our toes. Then we did a minute of ankle hops and a minute of butt kicks.  Then we got started with our Thang.

A Plumber 911 – AKA An Arm Heavy Dora:

PAX partnered up.  One person runs to the light post, completes 10 squats, then runs back.  The other partner works on reps.  Partners complete reps cumulatively.

100 Side Extensions

150 Front Extensions

200 Overhead Press

250 Around the Worlds

300 Scarecrows

350 Bicep Curls

400 Chicken Wings

No one finished, but a few got really close.  Everyone made it to Bicep Curls.  Owlette and Straight Shooter ran their best today!  Smooth Operator kept great form the whole time.  Whole Coconut sprinted her runs.  Wilson worked her one good arm really well.  I burned over 450 calories, which is high for a 45 minute morning Beatdown, for me at least.

It was another great morning at The Den!  We closed with prayers for little Lincoln, Mackenzie, Mark & Family, and for God to use our strong arms to lift each other up, carry each other, and to serve others.

Thank you for letting me be your Q!  I do love to work you guys!  😉

❤️, ⛅️

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