Pre-Pumpkin Fest Beat-down

10 PAX at the beat-down – AO Foxtrot – Crisp October morning where we all started in sweatshirts & bubble coats. But we were sweating and shed all of the extra layers by the end of the workout. We had a strong amazing 10 ladies that were excited to get out, get it done & get on with the day of family fun. We meet at the football field snack shack since they were sitting up the first ever Veterans Memorial Park Great Pumpkin Festival where we normally workout. The workout space was still awesome and worked for us to get a great workout in. I took this workout from a fellow FiA sister. I can’t say the ladies enjoyed it though. It was challenging.  – Thank you Erin Hoffarth –

Board-O & Wonder Women Rucked 3 miles to warm up.

The Thang

Beat-down Warm up:

~ Arm stretches

~ 10 toy soldiers – IC

~10 cherry pickers – IC

~ 10 plank walk outs

* Run a lap

Round 1 – repeat 2 times:
• 10 regular push-ups
• 10 diamond push-ups
• 20 alternating lunge hops

• 20 Russian twists – IC

• 12 alternating step ups

*Run a lap

Round 2 – repeat 2 times:
• 15 triceps dips
• 20 squat hops
• 20 star jumps
• 10 burpees with a push-up
*Run a lap

Round 3 – repeat 2 times:
• 20 plank shoulder tappers
• 30 squat jacks
• 20 mountain climbers
• 15 triceps dips
*Run a lap

Round 4 – repeat 2 times:
• 25 plank hip raises each side
• 20 glut bridges
• 1 minute plank
• 1 minute chair or wall sit

*Run a lap

We then did our COT, named someone in our lives that we are thankful for this week & had a prayer. I passed around the high-fives, we had coffee and breakfast treats with great conversation.

Then my kids and I went and enjoyed the Great Pumpkin Festival in the park that was happening around us. Beautiful start to a beautiful day.

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