Pre-Turkey Prep Part 2

Y’all, this Backblast is so late and overdue.  I’m sorry!  My poster was rained on and thrown away and my paper got mixed up with receipts and thrown away.  So I can’t remember exactly what we did, but I will do my best.

Our Turkey Day Prep Part 2 workout included a planned early celebration of Wonder Woman’s birthday and then she didn’t show up!  We had to call her and wake her up!  In her defense, she had been killing it and likely needed the sleep.

We started with my favorite warm up game of Would You Rather, but Thanksgiving style.  Would you rather host or attend?  Would you rather cook or clean?  White gravy or brown gravy?  Turkey or Ham?  Pumpkin pie or apple pie?  First option side shuffles left, second option side shuffles right.  Half way through, we switched to jumping jacks and high knees. Then we got to work.

The Thang:

Appetizer Round: 3 sets, 11 reps of push ups, monkey humpers, and toe taps.

Stuffing Slayer: FULL lap around the big parking lot circle then burpee until everyone returns.

Entree Round:  3 sets, 20 reps of narrow squats with kick backs, Tricep Kickbacks, and sumo Side crunches

Stuffing Slayer again

Dessert Round: 3 sets, 18 reps of scarecrow to chicken wings, in and outs, and plank jacks.

We did one more stuffing slayer.  Then spent a minute in Planksgiving.

We wrapped up with prayer requests, a Bible verse, a prayer, and a reminder to give Thanks every day.

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving!

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