Pumpkin Spice Six Pack

I absolutely love everything about Fall & am so excited for it to get here. I love the weather, leaves changing, football, jeans, boots, bonfires, s’mores & anything pumpkin or pumpkin spice. So today I brought a Pumpkin Spice Six Pack beatdown to the Hideout. It was so awesome to have 7 PAX (including a FNG) join me this beautiful morning too!

We started with some Michael Phelps, arm circles forward, arm circles backwards, leg pull-ups & jumping jacks (IC) then we got started.

The Thang:

We began by spelling out Pumpkin Spice where we did an exercise per letter for 30s with only a 5s break. After we spelled Pumpkin we did Lt Dan to the first light post & ran back. After we spelled Spice we power skipped to the first light post then ran back.

After that we moved on to the Six Pack Wheel of Death. This routine involves 6 ab exercises (the spokes) & one cardio exercise (the hub). We started with the hub for 30s then Spoke 1 for 30s then back to the hub then Spoke 2 and so on through all 6 spokes. After all that, we ran to the second light post & back.

We then had a little more time so we did an exercise thrown out by each PAX. We did triceps kick backs, more bicycles, around the worlds, burpees (with our birthday girl Fresh Cotton) & something Valor taught us that I’m calling tracers (not sure if they have an actual name).

Most of the ladies had to leave early but those of us who were left ended with some stretching, COT & Name-o-Rama where we named our FNG Snickers. She told us that she loves to eat (especially sweets) & her favorite candy bar is Snickers.

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