Pyramid of Pain – Part 3

This week was the week of Pyramids!  To round out the trio, we did 2 rounds of another Pyramid of Pain Tuesday morning.  Thankfully the rain held off just long enough for our workout.

We warmed up with an Indian Run to the back of the school where the bus lanes are.  Then after a quick demonstration, we got to work.

Step 1: 25 reps of Diamond Kicks, Heel beats, Bear Squats, and Touch and Hops (25 of each side).  Then we ran to bus lane 27 and back.

Step 2: 30 reps of Single Leg Toe Touch Crunches, In and Outs, and Glute Bridges.  Then we ran to bus lane 25 and back.

Step 3: 35 reps of Push UPS ands Tricep Pushbacks, then we ran to bus lane 23 and back.

Step 4: 40 reps of Figure 4 Squats, then run to bus lane 21 and back.

We had just enough time to do it all again!  Valor killed it, heading out on those runs faster and faster than the pack.  It turned out to be about a mile and a half of running alone.  Another hard workout for the FiA Cherokee ladies!

We closed with our COT, a prayer, our Name-O-Rama and a brief announcement of our FiA-lanthropy this month.

Dont forget our F3 FiA Convergence this weekend and Veteran’s Day ruck!