Pyramid of Pain

I have done this one before – it is tough but an awesome workout!

We did some light stretching and then got to work.  I wanted to make sure we got through the whole thing!

The reps were on

the left side of the pyramid and the number of laps on the right.  We started at the bottom and worked our way up, running laps around the small field in between.  The reps increased as we went up and the number of laps in between decreased.

It went something like this:

25 each – Carolina Dry Docks, Curtsy Lunges (each), V-Ups, Bicycles, Squats

Run 5 Laps

30 each – Push Ups, Squat Jumps, Shoulder Taps (total), Split Jumps (jumping lunge)

Run 4 Laps

35 each – LBCs, Mountain Climbers, Russian Twists

Run 3 Laps

40 each – Lunges (total), Tricep Dips

Run 2 Laps

50 – 1/2 Burpees or 25 full Burpees (PAX choice)

Run 1 Lap

We finished right at 9:00!

We circled up for COT and name-o-rama.

Thank you ladies for being there with me bright and early on a chilly Sat morning!


Sat 11/10 – Veterans Day F3iA (F3 and FiA) Convergence beat down – 7:30 am at Veterans Memorial Park.  ALL OTHER CHEROKEE AOs WILL NOT BE MEETING THAT DAY!  Come join us!

Sun Nov 11 – Ad Hoc 5K at Etowah River Park – 7 am.  Walkers and runners welcome!!

Nov Fialanthropy – We are raising money for Never Alone’s Thanksgiving Meal Assistance program.  $35 will sponsor a full Thanksgiving meal for a family of four. We have set a goal to raise money to sponsor 10 families!!  Please bring your donation to the next beat down!