Pyramids and Planks

We had 5 PAX show up for a damp mid morning beat down! The rain finished overnight but we got wet from sweat 😅 by the time we finished!

The Thang

We flew through 2 pyramids and ended with a ring of fire that challenged all of us! In the best way possible!

Pyramid 1 (Burpees, Push ups, Squat Jumps)

Pyramid 2 (Surrenders, Czech Press, Tricep Push ups)

Start each pyramid by running a lap.

Do every move 2 times, then 4, then 6, then 8, then 10.

Run a lap

Do the same moves 10 times, then 8, then 6, then 4, then 2

Finish that pyramid with a lap. Repeat for Pyramid 2.

Once we completed the 2 pyramids, we did a ring of fire. Everyone held plank as we passed the following moves:

2 Plank Jacks

4 Plank walks

6 mountain climbers

8 shoulder taps

10 saws

It ended up being a 3 minute plank hold! And everyone did it! We easily knocked off our burpees for the burpee challenge today (goal was 14 and we did 60)! #bettertogether

Wrapped up the morning with prayer requests and a name o Rama! And definitely foresee an FNG in our future that was at the park and had lots of questions! Hope to see her soon!