Quarter Pounder with a side of Burpees

8 awesome FiA sisters joined me bright and early this morning at The Union! They were ready to get after it, and start their week off right! 💪🏼

We first did some stretching while I talked to them about how this beatdown was set up.  Each PAX chose their own stretches based on what was sore this morning. 🙂

The Thang:

We started off by getting our juices flowing, and heart rates up!  We ran what is known in F3 as a Burpee Mile.  One loop around the parking lot was 1/4 mile, so we ran one loop, stopped and did 12 burpees, and did it again. We did this 4x to complete a full mile and 48 burpees!

Next on to the Quarter Pounder! I had originally planned to do a double quarter pounder, but we unfortunately ran out of time.  The double just means we run through this twice.  This is another F3 fun one too!

Cones were spread out every “25 yards” from one end of the parking to the other.  We started on one end with a dumbbell in each hand, and lunge walked to the first cone (25 yard line).  We dropped the weights, and did 25 merkins. Then we sprinted back to the start line, and then sprinted back to the 25.  We picked up our weights, and lunge walked to the next cone (50 yard line).  Each time after we did the said reps of exercises on the cones, we would sprint to the start line and back.  Below are the reps we did:

Ignore the Baby Shark at the bottom of the board.  This was planned for the end of the workout, but we ran out of time. 🙁

We ended with some much needed stretching and water. We learned about our new FNG Dunkin as we stretched, and named her when we were finished.   We all share her love of Dunkin Donuts too!! Yum!  Next we circled up our super sweaty selves for prayer requests.  We prayed for this amazing day, our strong bodies, our FiA sisters and their families that are going through some rough times.

Name-o-Rama was next, and then we headed off to start our week!  Welcome FNG Dunkin!!!

Thank you ladies for joining me this morning!  It was awesome, and you all worked SUPER hard!!! 👏🏼👏🏼


We are still gathering food for Macedonia’s free lunch program through the end of the month!  Start having your kids decorate paper bags for this if you haven’t already!

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