Rain, Rain! Go Away! Dumbbell Intervals

Well, it was another rainy morning in Georgia, but that didn’t stop a total of 7 PAX from rolling out and bringing their own sunshine to Foxtrot. These ladies have no idea what a bright spot they are in my week this week.

Heres the Thang:

We spent 5 minutes warming up with arm circles, jumping jacks, windmills, jog in place and stretches. After warming up, we did two rounds of a full body circuit with dumbbells. It was 50 seconds on and 10 seconds to get to the next move. Here’s the list: push ups, goblet squats, overhead shoulder press, static lunge right and then left, bicep curls, deadlifts, chest fly, reverse crunches, bent over row, curtsy lunge right then left, triceps kickback, single leg deadlifts right then left, chest press, crunches. We rested for 90 seconds between circuits. We finished with some cool down stretches.

COT was filled with prayer requests for those who have sick little ones, coworkers who are experiencing loss, spouses who have illness, and thoughts of those who are struggling. In all ways we were thankful to be together and look forward to drier, sunnier days ahead in HIS time.  I think you gals there today warmed my heart and soul much more than the coffee did! ❤️😘

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