5 PAX with 2 FNGs came out on this rainy Saturday! We started the beatdown with some light stretches while I went over the disclaimer and finished the warm up with some bat wings.

~The Thang~

As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) in 1 minute.

Round 1:

Bicep Curls
Jump Squats
Group exercise – Carousel

Round 2:

Curtsy Lunges
Push Ups
Flutter Kicks
Plank Jacks
Narrow Squats
Group exercise – Run a lap

Round 3:

Star Jumps
Tricep Dips
Flutter Kicks
Bent Over Rows
Sumo Squats
Group Exercise – Partner planked while the other ran a lap, then we switched.

Round 4:

Squat Press
Calf Raises
Russian Twists
Upright Rows
Group Exercise – ABCs

We finished up with some cool down stretches, COT, Prayer, and Name-O-Rama.

Prayer Requests:
Veena with her second surgery on Tuesday, March 12th.
Tiny Dancer for her eye to get better.

We had 2 FNG’s to name!
FNG – Sephora – She and Take 5 work together as nurses. Sephora loves make up and shopping at Sephora, so it it a very fitting name for her!
FNG – Take 5 – She loves chocolate and her favorite is Take 5!

March Bingo is still ongoing.
The Thicket Saturday time is moving to 7am starting, March 16th.

~Harley Quinn~

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