Rainy Day Layers

10 PAX showed up for a rainy day beat down. The rain may have limited our space- but we still worked hard!

We got started with a little jogging, jumping jacks, and double bounce butt kickers to warm up and then got right into the workout!


We did 10 moves total. We started with the first move and did it 4 times, then added the second and did that 4 times. We then started at the top before adding the 3rd layer. 4 reps of moves 1-3 then back to the top and add the 4th layer and so on. Once we got through all 10 like that, we did the entire routine twice.

Move 1- Plank Walk out and back

Move 2- Spiderman Push Ups

Move 3- Wide to Narrow Squat Jumps

Move 4- Single Leg Deadlifts (no weight)

Move 5- Lunge Walks forward and back

Move 6- Gorillas

Move 7- Twisting Toe Taps

Move 8- Bear Crawls Side to Side

Move 9- Tricep dip in crab to kick (each leg)

Move 10- Mule kick to frog hop

After we finished our layers- we did a Pass the Plank that I tried a few weeks back. It proved to be more challenging with more people this time! We were in a line so one person started and passed 2 plank jacks. When that got to the end of the line we passed back 4 up and down planks. Then we passed back 6 mountain climbers. Then 8 shoulder taps. Then 10 saws. Everyone held plank if they weren’t passing the move. Abs. On. 🔥

With just a little time left at the end, we knocked out as many burpees as we could. Our current monthly challenge was 33 so that was the goal! Finally we finished up in our COT with prayer and then headed back into the flooding deluge of rain! #bettertogether

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