Remembering the 90s

I am so excited to have had 7 PAX today! There is potential here for more growth and I am excited about that! We meet under the amphitheater in Woodstock to warm up before hitting the first workout. In dedication to the late Luke Perry, I chose for today’s workout to be a flashback to the 90’s. We started with warm up’s of Jumping Jacks, Windmills, Arm circles (forward and then back), Hillbillies, and stretching of legs and arms. We did this to the count of 12 each because 9+0+2+1+0=12. Also, every song on my song list was from the 90’s and included; One Week – Barenaked Ladies, Baby One More Time – Britney Spears, U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer, All Star – Smash Mouth, Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice, Praise You – Fatboy Slim, Tootsee Roll – 69 Boyz, Intergalactic – Beastie Boys, Jump Around – House of Pain, Whoop! There it is – Tag Team, Good Vibrations – Marky Marky and the Funky Bunch, I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred.

The Thing

After our warm up, we grabbed our weights and ran to the top of the grass seated area. This area is set up for lawn chairs when there is a concert and there are about 6 levels. We started at the top and divided into pairs. As one partner ran down the steps to the bottom and back up, the other partner stayed at the top and did arm exercises. When the partner got back to the top, they switched. We did 6 arm exercises; Pull up your pants, Bicep curls, Front extensions, Side extensions, Upright row, and Tricep extensions. We repeated it one more time through.

After that we ran back to the stage for abs and Tabata.

In cadence, we did a series of ab and back exercises to the count of 10 as follows; Boat/canoe, superman, Brook Burke’s (also know as J-Lo’s), Hip trusts, Squat oblique raises, and Raggedy Ann’s. We repeated this 1 more time but adjusted the Brook Burke’s and oblique raises to a count of 5 in cadence. We were running out of time and I wanted to get to Tabata.

Tabata was a series of energy burning exercises for 20 secs each with 10 sec rest in between. The exercises went as follows; Plank jacks, jumping jacks, Mountain Climbers, Imperial walkers, Rapid fire (football feet), and High knees. We only had time to repeat Plank Jacks.

We had 2 mins left so we stretched  our legs and arms.

We ended with COT, prayers and named our new FNG – Freckles!

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