Reverse Pyramid & Plank Jumps

5 PAX showed up on this cold Spring Break morning to get their day started.  We missed all of you on vacation.

Warmup: stretching, long Indian run around the whole front parking lot with each of us shouting out a favorite vacation destination or somewhere we would like to vacation each time we ran to the front.

The Thang:

A Reverse Pyramid where we started with 50 big girl sit ups, 40 push ups, 30 step ups (total), 20 tricep dips, & 10 burpees.  Each round we dropped off the lowest exercise and all others reduced by ten so the second round was 40 big girl sit ups, 30 push ups, 20 step ups, & 10 tricep dips.  We did this all the way down to just 10 big girl sit ups on the last round.  Between each round we ran 1/4 of the front parking lot.

Then we did some plank jumps in the parking lot.  These didn’t go over as well since the pavement hurt our arms but we did it anyways.  We lined up in front of each other.  The first person dropped to a plank, the second person jumped over that person & dropped to a plank, the 3rd person jumped over the first two & dropped to a plank.  We did this until everyone was planking, then the first person got up, jumped over all the rest and dropped back into a plank.  We did this down and back, covering about a 1/4 of the parking lot.

We had a few minutes to spare so we finished up with some ab exercises including Russian twists, flutter kicks, bicycles, and reverse crunches.

We circled up and I read a quote from Rachel Hollis’ new book, Girl, Stop Apologizing, which said “Be the kind of woman who believes that she is capable of doing amazing things in this world.  Be the kind of woman whose own dreams make her nervous – and then go ahead and do them anyway.  Be the kind of woman who never asks permission to be herself.”

Don’t forget to bring packs of underwear in for Must Ministries.  They are in dire need of all sizes for man, woman, & children.

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