Reverse Pyramid and Dora


Today was the launch of a new day and time at AO Foxtrot. Wednesdays @ 6pm

We warmed up with SSH in cadence, arm circles forward and back, and a lap around the playground.

The Thang:

Reverse Pyramid:

Rd. 1 50 mt. climbers each leg, 40 overhead press, 30 tricep kickbacks, 20 deadlifts, and 10 burpees

Run Long lap around playground

Rd. 2 40 mt. climbers, 30 overhead press, 20 tricep kickbacks, 10 deadlifts

Run lap

Rd. 3 30 mt. climbers, 20 OH, 10 Tricep

Run Lap

Rd. 4 20 mt. Climbers, 10 OH

Run lap

Rd. 5 10 Mt. climbers

Run lap

Water break

Next we partnered up for Doras

100 lunge jumps

200 leg lifts

300 squats of choice

Ended with some stretching and COT, naming 10 FNGs!!

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