Right or Wrong – We Learned A Lot

17 PAX and a bunch of adorable 2.0s joined us at Foxtrot for a fun, get-to-know your fellow PAX Beatdown.  I assigned the PAX homework earlier in the week and asked them to send me a statement about themselves – either true or false, but not to tell me which!  We will find out together Saturday morning.

At 8:00, we started with some stretches up to the sky then down to touch our toes.  I explained the concept while we stretched.  Then we did Windmills and Toy Soldiers in cadence.

Then we got started on The Thang:  Right or Wrong

Our 2.0s read the statements for us one at a time.  We decide if the statement is true or false and run to the respective buckets labeled True and False.  The PAX that the statement is about runs to the middle.  We hold Chair until all PAX are at a bucket.  Then the Statement PAX confirms true or false.  If we guessed right, we completed 5 star jumps and 10 skaters then run back to the mats and hold a plank.  If we guessed wrong, we completed 15 jump squats and 20 monkey Humpers, then ran back to the mat and did plank hip dips until all PAX returned.

We did this for about 15 statements before switching it up. We learned SO many things about our PAX:

Bourbon drove cross county when she was 19!

Magnolia has 23 first cousins on just one side of her family!

Lucky modeled nude for an art class in order to overcome her fears!

Chocolate Chip is terrified of heights, was a Psychology major, and is from Alabama.

FNG Jorja knows how to do 9 different braids!

Blue Bell was born in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Luna’s favorite season is Fall and she looks forward to it all year long.

Rise Up wears an apron that says “Wanna Rub My Butt” while she makes different marinades!

Rise Up’s nickname in college was “Kapowski”.

Shrinky Dink went skinny dipping with a male friend in high school.

Choo Choo became a US Citizen at age 27.

Chai was attacked by a grasshopper while riding a donkey through the bush.

Bourbon has 6 college degrees including a doctorate and would go back if she could.

Coach has a twin brother that is 6’8” and weighs over 500lbs.

Kodak got engaged (not married) in the middle of the ocean on a cruise to Mexico.

Yellowstone and her husband are both adopted.

M&M’s dream jobs are landscape architect and professional photographer.

Straight Shooter has 2 sets of triplets in her family – not all boys!

And I have never colored my hair and have broken my nose twice and two of my toes (same foot).

After 15 statements or so, we switched to the following exercises, 1 at a time at our mats, with a lap after the full circuit.

Right: 20 Bicep Curls/20 Squats/20 Tricep Kickbacks/30src plank/30 LBCs

Wrong: 20 Overhead Presses/30 Deadlifts/10 Side Extensions/10 Inchworms/20 Boat Canoes

Once we made it through all of our fun facts, we each grabbed a coin and did King of the Castle:

100 pushups total in sets of 10.  After 10 pushups, you flip your coin.  If heads, do 5 burpees then your next set of 10 pushups.  If tails, skip the burpees and do your pushups.  Keep flipping every 10.  Those that finished first (without many burpees) ran a lap.  With 5 minutes left in the hour, we circled up to stretch and name our FNG.  Welcome Dutch!

We had another FNG Lori – but the heat got to her and she had to leave after 30 minutes.  She joked that we can call her Pukey or Rally since she got sick.  But she promised to come back, so we will give her a good name then.

It wasn’t the most physically challenging workout.  But it was fun and we really learned a lot about one another.

Thanks for doing your homework ladies!!

❤️, ⛅️

Originally posted to FiA Nation