Ring of Fire = Plank of death

Payday Preblast -Take 2!!

July 11, 2019

  • When: 07/10/2019
  • Q: Hairspray
  • Pax: Stitch, Kodak, Mariposa, Rise up

5 PAX met at the arena to feel the fire! Ring of Fire, that is.

We started with stretching and as I explain our routine.

We did 4 rounds of ring of fire with 4 different plank positions at each round. Each person pulled an exercise from the bucket and did 10 of whatever they pulled while the rest did planks. Exercises varied so I’m not going to name those but the planks were; R1 traditional plank, R2 right side plank, R3 left side plank, R4 reverse plank.

We ran a lap

Repeated the workout

Ran a lap

Then finished with Sally song challenge with squats.

Prayers, Name o Rama and lots of sweat!

Althea Griesbeck

Originally posted to FiA Nation

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