Ringing In The New Year

Happy New Year!  2018 was a GREAT year for FiA Cherokee.  But, I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds.  We have grown so much in 1 year.  I look forward to seeing new PAX get involved and take on leadership opportunities.  I look forward to stronger bodies, better friendships, and noticeable differences.  We were better together in 2018 and I know we will be even better together in 2019.

16 PAX arrived at The Den to ring in 2019 with a killer workout!  Each woman that arrived shared the same look of determination, strength, and hope.

We started with stretching while everyone got situated.  Then we played a few rounds of Never Have I Ever New Year’s Style.  Yes was high knees, No was butt kicks.  Then yes was jumping jacks and no was star jumps.

Then we got started with The New Year’s Thang: Doras.  Really high rep Doras.  So much running Doras.

Dora 1: Kettlebells

300 Upright Rows (running PAX run to end of parking lot, do 5 push ups, and return to switch)

200 Full Swings (running PAX run to end of parking lot, do 5 star jumps, and return to switch)

100 Around the Worlds (running PAX run to end, do 5 skaters, and return to switch)

50 Goblet Squats (running PAX run to end, do 5 squat jumps, and return to switch)

Dora 2: Sand Pups (15 lb sand bags)

200 Side Lunges (Runner does 5 push ups again at end of lot)

150 Narrow Squats (Runner does 5 star jumps again at end of lot)

100 Thrusters (Runner does 5 skaters again at end of lot)

50 Wood Chops (Runner does 5 squat jumps again at end of lot)

Dora 3: Lazy Dora

250 Hallelujahs (PAX alternate holding chair and doing reps)

200 Bicep Curls (alternating with air chair again)

150 Tricep Kickbacks (air chair or plank)

100 Side Extensions (air chair or plank)

50 Chicken Wings (all PAX did together)

That gave us a total of 1900 Reps.  We had to go for 119 more!

We finished with a few abs:

20 BGSUs

20 Flutter Kicks with Sand pups held up over our chests

20 Legs up cross crunches

20 Leg lifts

20 Indian Style LBCs

19 Boat Canoes

2019 Reps completed together!

We definitely went over our 1 hour time limit, so we quickly prayed, did our COT, and named our 3 FNGs!  Welcome Caddy Shack, Baller, and Adrenaline!  We hope this one didn’t scare you off too much, it was a HARD workout.  So simple, yet so much movement.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and a great 2019!

❤️, Whole Coconut & Partly Cloudy

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