Rising to the Challenge

8 PAX of amazing & beautiful ladies came out to AO The Den on Tuesday morning. The lights were bright and the smiles were even brighter.

Smooth Operator and I started our day with a 2.6 mile Ruck and some great conversation. Getting in our morning steps.

At 5:30 we circled up with the rest of the PAX and did some warm ups and stretches. At the completion of the stretches we ran a big parking lot lap together. We stopped a few times through out our .35 mile run to do some jumping jacks, squats and lunges. Once back at our mats we jumped into out workout.

Tabata – 45 seconds – 10 second rest – 1X each round

Set – 1 –
1 Squat Punches
2 Side kicks
3 Squat cross hops
4 Front kicks
5 Jump squats
6 Back kick w/arm extension

Set – 2 –
1 Donkey Kicks
2 Triangle crunches
3 Bridge taps
4 Superman’s
5 Peter Parker’s
6 Boat Canoes

Set – 3 –
1 High Lunges – arm above head
2 High Squats – arms above head
3 Dead-lift Twists
4 Leg Swing & Knee Up
5 Arm Rotations with knee lift
6 High knees

After our big lap and 3 Tabata rounds it was time for Rise-Up to take over. She lead the group in some ab exercises and stretching. Thank you Rise-Up for having my six. They did a nameorama, prayer and headed out to have an awesome day. I appreciate the amazing teamwork that so many of our FiA’s show when we have some of our PAX that need to leave early to get to work one time. Thank you ladies!!

The only bad workout is the workout that you didn’t start! Get out, get it done & be a little better everyday for it.

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