Roll Call!!


What a beautiful day for a workout!! 8 gorgeous ladies (along with a few 2.0’s) joined me as I took attendance this morning. Here’s how it went down…


After a quick 5 min warm up of Windmills, front/side kicks & twists we intended to spell each of our FiA names, following the alphabet index key that was provided by the Q. Each letter represented an exercise that we did AMRAP/1 minute. For example: HAIRSPRAY: H-Deadlifts, A-Burpees, I-JLo’s, R-Chicken wings, S-Hillbillies, P-Pulse squats, R-Chicken wings, A-Burpees, Y-Hallelujahs –  AMRAP for 1 minute (each letter). After each name we ran up the stadium stairs, around & back down to our mats to proceed on to the next. Out of NINE of us we only ended up having time for 4 pax names! Hairspray, Canon85, Dove, & FNG. Time flies when you’re having fun!!

Oh yeah, we did “pause” for a song challenge at the top of the stairs mid workout….Surprise!! Thunder by Imagine Dragons. We ran in place for the duration of the song except we did a squat every time we heard Thunder. That was over 70 squats by the way!!

We ended with some OYO stretches for a couple of minutes before COT & Name-O-Rama where we named an FNG. Welcome Pretzel!! Thanks ladies!! Love Love Love you!!

Originally posted to FiA Nation