See You When I See You at The Den

13 PAX kicked some running butt at The Den this morning!  There definitely wasn’t a whole lot of breath available for talking, but Yellowstone managed to share that our beautiful orange and red sunsets and sunrises are due to the Sahara dirt particles in the air.  How cool is that?  Our sunsets have been beautiful!

I started my speaker early to get everyone pumped up while we stretched and waited for everyone to get settled.  But, apparently I forgot to charge it after my last Q and it died during our warm up.  We did some arm circles, stretched up to the sky then down to our toes a few times, then we played our favorite mat game.  We set out a few mats.  I call out numbers and PAX scatter from mat to mat to form groups of the number called.  If you are the odd man out, you do butt kicks until we have a winner.  We played a second round with high knees.  This little game definitely gets the adrenaline flowing and the heart beating as you try to scramble to the right mat.

After 2 rounds we moved on to the Thang:

See You When I See You:

Best when done in a large circle or track like parking lot.  Our school locations are perfect for this one.  Last time, I did this at The Union which has a significantly smaller circle than The Den!  PAX partner up.  They start running opposite directions along the track.  Wherever they meet their partner on the other side, they stop for 10 reps of the following exercises:

Squats, Push Ups, Hillbillies, Monkey Humpers, and Hallelujahs

Once completed together, they run opposite directions again – I recommend they switch and run the other side of the circle this time.  When the partners meet back up, they do 9 reps.  This continues, decreasing reps by 1 until they hit 1 rep of each exercise and have officially completed See You When I See You.

When groups finished, they went back to their mats for water and started on some arm exercises.  We had just enough time to do 20 reps of the following:

Bicep Curls, Side Extensions, Front Extensions, and Overhead Tricep Extensions.  We completed 2 rounds then ran a mini lap.  That gave us 2 miles of running this morning.

We posed for a picture, took prayer requests, prayed, and closed with our Name-O-Rama.  I love that Choo Choo is always in the bottom left corner of our photos!  I love that our PAX always show up smiling and leave smiling, but sweaty.  Safe travels to all those on vacation or heading out on vacation!  You are missed, but we hope you enjoy this time with your families!

Don’t forget to bring your pre-packaged lunch items for Must Ministries this week to a Beatdown!

Originally posted to FiA Nation