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14 PAX at The Den this morning!  We were missing a few of our regulars, but were so happy to see Diggity Dog and Rocky Road!  We set up in the big loop parking lot, just in case football players started to trickle into the big lot.  This just meant longer run routes today!

We warmed up with a few Michael Phelps, trunk swings, and stretches.  We did Jumping Jacks in cadence.  Then we did about 2 minutes of parking lot tracers.  We side shuffled the outline of a parking space, when we got to the end, we did a star jump, then side shuffled the other way.  We stayed in our own parking spot and only ran into each other a few times.

Once we were warm, we got started on the thing.  Borrowed and modified by Windy of Hilton Head.

25 reps of each exercise, then run to the speed hump and back.

20 reps of each exercise, then run to the hump and back.

15 reps of each exercise, then run to the hump and back.

10 reps of each exercise, then run to the hump and back.

Our first round included Narrow Squats with Kickback, Overhead Tricep Extensions, Monkey Humpers, and Bourbons.

We did the same thing with a second round of different exercises, which included Side Lunges, Elbows to Overhead Press, Carolina Dry Docks, Crunchy Frogs.

Elbows to Overhead Press was a new move.  You have your arms up, elbows bent for 90 degree angle.  (Picture a surgeon waiting on their gloves after scrubbing in.). You extend your arms up to an overhead press, then back down to the starting position.  You never drop your arms.

We finished round 2 just in time.  Inspector Gadget’s watch said we ran almost 2 miles.  The distance to the speed hump was a little longer than our usual parking lot run at The Den.  But, all of the PAX did great!

I had a third round ready in case the ladies were crazy over achievers today.  I will save that one for next time!

We closed with prayer requests and our COT.  Another great morning at The Den!  Thank you ladies for coming out!

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