So many Stairs!!

Phat Butts!!

July 3, 2019

  • When: 07/03/2019
  • Q: Wonder Woman
  • Pax: Chocolate Chip, Killa, Hallmark, Straight Shooter, Caddy Shack, Dunkin, Guac

8 PAX at AO The Lair – 8 wonderful ladies chose to get up, get out and get it done together this morning! #bettertogether

I started our group off with 5 minutes of stretching. Leg, arm and core stretching.

We quickly paired off and after a little explanation we jumped right into our DORA’s!

Dora #1 –

400 Jump ropes

300 Bicycles (sets)

200 Curb toe touches

As one of the partners did the exercises the other one went up the stairs, touched the light pole base and back to the start. We did this for both Dora’s.

Dora #2 –

400 Weighted Squats

300 Reverse crunches

200 Jump ropes

We did not get to 100% complete both Dora’s all the way through. We ran a little short on time. But I will bring this workout back sometime on a Saturday. With 15 more minutes we would have made it all happen.

Amazing energy from all PAX this morning. It was nice to meet Dunkin & Hallmark and shake their hands. Awesome to see Killa and Guac totally killing it. Great to get out to Chocolate Chip’s AO and always awesome to do a workout with her. Straight Shooter was keeping it real today when she said I was trying to kill her! Love ya girl. You make it look easy Straight Shooter. And Caddy Shack showed up after her wake up text told her to get up, get out and get it done!! Amazing work today ladies!!

Wonder Woman_GA
Wonder Woman_GA

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