Some of this and a little of that HIIT beat down

It’s been a while since I last visited The Thicket! I love that place and those ladies out there. Do you know how hard it was to show up after our FiA Social at the Dierks Bentley concert the night before?! It was a lot easier knowing these gals were counting on me!

Here’s the Thang:

We did a quick warmup of arm circles and stretches and jumped into the intervals. For each 6 minute circuit we alternated 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off and switched between 2 exercises at the time. In the circuit we repeated each exercise 3 times. We did a cardio circuit followed by a strength circuit and completed a total of 8 circuits lasting 6 minutes each. The circuit pairs were:

Squat jumps + mountain climbers

Squats (your choice in style) + push ups

Jumping Jacks + skaters

Tricep dips + alternating step back lunges

High knees + Toy Soldiers

Plank up/downs + alternating side lunges

Butt kickers + “jump rope” (imaginary ropes used)

LBCs + bicycle crunches

We closed out with our COT remembering all those traveling, recovering from injury and dealing with illness in their families. With thankful hearts and smiles we headed out to conquer Saturday!

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