Song Challenges and 4 Corners

Songs to start the day

April 9, 2019

  • When: 04/06/2019
  • Q: Harley Quinn
  • Pax: Tiny Dancer and Inspector Gadget

3 PAX came out on an early Saturday morning to start their day with a fun beatdown.

We did some solo warm up stretching while I finished setting up 4 corners. We then started the song challenges to get us fully warmed up for our 4 Corners.

Song Challenges:
Roxanne by The Police  – each time said “Roxanne” we did a jump squat. You can also do a burpee here instead. 😉
Sally by Moby – We started in a plank position and went up and down to our forearms based on her song lyrics.
Champion by Carrie Underwood Feat. Ludacris – Hold a squat and do Raggedy Anne’s during the course. You get a small break at the bridge when Ludacris is rapping.

Then we moved on to 4 Corners: We ran to each corner and completed the following exercises:
(10) Monkey Humpers
(20) Jump Squats
(30) Flys
(40) Carolina Dry Docks

We came together for the last round and did a lunge walk to each corner.

We finished up with COT, prayer, and name-o-rama.

~Harley Quinn~

Kristi Coleman

Originally posted to FiA Nation

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