Spring Break Tabata Brought Out All the Curls at The Hideout

We had some wonderful rainy weather to greet us this morning on the last day of Spring Break for Cherokee County & I still had 3 PAX join me for some sweaty fun. 😊


Arm Circles forwards, Arm circles backwards, Toy soldiers, Jumping Jacks (IC) and some light stretching

The Thang:

I pulled from known FiA and F3 exercises and took some liberties in other names to spell out the words Spring Break. We completed the exercises Tabata-style. I set a timer for 12 minutes each round and we spelled out each word as many times as we could by completing the corresponding exercise.  All exercises were done in reps of 20.

  • S – Standing Rows (aka Upright Rows)
  • P – Plank Jacks
  • R – Rosalitas
  • I – Imperial Squat Walkers (cadence count)
  • N – No Surrenders (I almost surrendered doing these but I pushed through 😉)
  • G – Gas Pumps

Cardio Tabata for 3 minutes of as many rounds as possible of high knees, seal jacks & mountain climbers

  • B – Bicep Curls
  • R – Reverse Crunches
  • E – E2Ks (aka Oblique Crunches)
  • A – Alternating Shoulder Taps (cadence count)
  • K – Kickbacks

Cardio Tabata for 3 minutes of as many rounds as possible of skaters, smurf jacks &  jump ropes

After the Thang was complete, we took a quick selfie for those who needed to leave a little early for work.

We still has some time left so the remaining PAX pulled some exercises from Sugarland’s bag of arms for a total of 6 more exercises at 20 reps each of the following: Around the Worlds, Front Raises, Shoulder Presses, Over-head Tricep Extensions, Hammer Curls and more Bicep Curls.

We ended with COT, Name-o-rama and prayers for Veena plus everyone traveling back from their exciting Spring Break trips.

Our COT included 3 affirmations for everyone to start their day with:

  • I am not week, I have a strength within me that comes from God (Isaiah 41:10)
  • I am filled with hope about the events to come today. (Jeremiah 29:11)
  • I will not fear anyone or anything for my God is with me at all times (Matthew 28:20)

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