Square of Abs

3 PAX came out this morning to the Hideout to get a good start to their Friday!

We started with Catch Me If You Can.

We partnered up; one person ran while the other did 10 Carolina Dry Docks. After the one person completed the Carolina Dry Docks, they had to sprint to their partner.

The Thang

Square of Abs

1= 1 min plank

2= 4 Burpees

3= 9 Bourbons (Each side)

4= 16 Merkins

5= 25 In and Outs

6= 36 Rosalitas

7= 49 Alternating Shoulder Taps (total)

8= 64 Bicycles

9= 81 Pilates Tap

10= 100 Penguins (total)

11= 121 Russian Twists (total)

12= 144 LBC’s

*and 1 more 1 min plank*

We then did a leg workout to two songs:

Black Widow by Rita Ora

Mountain Climbers, and variations of squats

24K Magic by Bruno Mars

Variations of Squats and Lunges

After these, we ran to the lightpost and back to loosen up the legs, and then we stretched. We prayed and then named our FNG!!

Thank you ladies for coming out this morning!!

Originally posted to FiA Nation