Stars & Stripes * Merica’

So 7 (For July) beautiful PAX showed up at 5:30 am on July 4th to work on this very muggy morning. I know i say this all the time but I am so grateful to do life with each of you!!!!!! Thanks to Rise up for bringing her spunky spirit and sparklers for us to enjoy!!!

The Warmup

Most of the PAX were rolling in on two wheels right at 5:30 so we did some quick stretches and arms circles to start and some IC jumping jacks and toy soldiers!!

The Thang

We pushed through our stars and stripes doing 13 reps to represent the 13 colonies/stripes on the flag and 50 reps for the states/stars!!!

Once finished with this we took a lap:

long lap the parking lot for advanced runners

second row of lot for mediocre runners

walkers /beginners the first loop

Next up we spelled out a few words… intention was 7 reps x 4 rounds ( did 4 round of merica’ and red but 2 of white and blue)

Monkey Humper

Explosive push-ups (hand release pushups)

Russian Twists

Imperial walkers

Curtsy Lunges

Around the worlds

Renegade rows

Elevated Calf Raises (sumo squat with calf raise basically)

Donkey kicks

Weighted deadlifts

Hammer Curls

In & outs

Tricep Dips

Elbow to knee planks

Bridges, weighted


Upright Rows

Elbow to knee plank

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