Stars out on Saturday Morning

7 PAX at AO The Thicket this beautiful & hot summer Saturday morning. All these amazing ladies did not hit snooze, got out of bed, got dressed and got it done. We made ourselves better… together!! 

3 PAX Rucked over two miles before the beat down. Then all 7 PAX came together for the workout.

Warm up & stretch during the duration of the whole song – ALIVE!

Then we kept it moving through the whole song Fireball, a burpee each time Pit-bull said Fireball!



Star Jumps

Between the two exercises we ran down the hill around the loop and back up the other side of the loop, up the hill to the pavilion.


100 sit ups

150 Hillbillies

200 Squats w/leg lift

When one PAX ran the same loop as before the other one did the exercises. Collective number between partners. Valor & Diggity Dog killed it with extra laps.

Then we had a little time to do abs.


Extended leg holds

Russian twists

Side V-ups



It was great a workout. We were always moving and sweating like crazy. I met two new to me FiA’s. I love new FiA family. We started on time an finished on time. We had a COT, prayers, nameorama , coffee and passed out our new promotion cards!! Thanks to Hairspray. They are beautiful. Great job. It was a great way to start the day!!

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