Stationary Strength Day

Date: 12/8/2018

Q: Partly Cloudy

PAX: Cheese It, Straight Shooter, Board-O, FNG Mandy (Eagle Eye), Smooth Operator, Fixer Upper, Whole Coconut

8 PAX joined me on yet another RAINY Saturday at Foxtrot for a stationary strength workout.  We have had SO MUCH rain lately!  Steady, heavy rain.  We are washing away down here in Georgia!    When it rains, we meet at the Snack Shack and try to stay mostly dry.  So my workout is inspired by FiA Memphis, but modified to accommodate our rainy situation.  

The Thang:

We warmed up with stretches, jumping jacks, high knees, and butt kicks.  Then we started our strength exercises, working on Squats, Arms, and Abs.  

50 Reps: Sumo Squats, Bicep Curls, Standing Knee to Elbows

45 Reps: Narrow Squats, Rows, Torso Twists

Plank until everyone finishes.  Then 1 minute of burpees all together.  

40 Reps: Curtsy Lunges, Overhead Tricep Extensions, LBCs

35 Reps: Elevated Glute Bridges, Push Ups, Flutter Kicks

Plank until everyone finishes, then 1 minute wall sit all together.

30 Reps: Backward Lunges, Chicken Wings, Heel Touches

25 Reps: Regular Squats, Arm Extensions to the side, In & Outs

Plank until everyone finishes, then 1 minute of Burpees all together.  

20 Reps: Bulgarian Split Squats, Arm Extensions to the front, BGSUs

15 Reps: Figure 4 Squats, Scarecrows, Boat Canoes

Plank until everyone finishes.  Then 1 minute wall sit together.  

10 Reps: Jump Lunges, Overhead Presses, Leg Lifts

5 Reps: Jump Squats, Swimmers, Scissors

Then we held a 90 second plank together for our monthly plank challenge.  

We finished with just a few minutes left.  We cooled down with stretched, then named our FNG.  Welcome Eagle Eye!!  You are awesome for coming out in the rain!  

We closed with a prayer, our COT, and coffeteria.  

A HUGE thank you to all of the wonderful FiA and F3ers who donated to our Spirit of the Season FiAlanthropy project!  You were so thoughtful and generous with your gift giving.  We did reach our goal, so the eggnog mile will be happening Next Saturday at 8am!  

❤️, PC ⛅️

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