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9 PAX showed up on this beautiful and extremely hot Saturday morning to play a few games with me !!!! I pre-blasted about Trivia Pursuit but we started with a warm-up game…

Warm-up game

What exercise am I?…

every PAX got a random post it attached to their back with a exercise written on it but they couldn’t see what it was. I wrote the exercises on my white board with a rep amount for us to do. The concept is each PAX guesses what exercise is on their back by randomly choosing one and doing it then asks a neighbor if they were correct!!!

If you are wrong you pick another warm up exercise and try again, if you guess correctly Q gives you another post-it and the first person to get 3 right WINS!!!! these were the exercise options to choose from:

Lunges x 10 sets

Squats x 15 reps

Jumping Jacks x 15

Burpees x 3

Arm Circles x 20

Hallelujahs x 20

Butt Kicks x 20 sets

Mt Climbers x 20 sets

The Thang

Trivial Pursuit

We paired off into teams of 2 ( teams of 3-4 are ideal so we cut the reps in half based on what the cards said at each station)

Each team chose a color station to start at then each team was to complete all the activities on each color stations card and could divide the reps/exercises on the card any way they wanted as long as every team completed the reps one way or another. Once your team was finished with the card you took a lap around the center circle and back to your station to collect a cone/game piece and move to another station….. in the middle of the board game make sure you place cones the distance of the cicle for shuttle runs back and forth….

The first team to complete and collect each color cone moves to the middle station to complete the final round and win the game!!


200 tricep kickbacks

200 jump ropes

50 step ups


100 chest press

100 sit ups

200 mt climbers


100 jumping jacks

100 squats

1 min chair sit (all pax)


10# overhead press x 60 reps

16# overhead press x 40 reps

20# overhead press x 20 reps

gorilla shuttle (all pax)


10# deadlifts x 60

16# deadlifts x 40 reps

20 # deadlifts x 20 reps


100 narrow squats

80 regular squats

60 sumo squats

100 donkey kicks

center card= 800 high knees

The Finisher:

we played another game for our finisher called The Winners Circle:

using our trivial pursuit circle, the first player to do 8 laps is the winner….Here’s the skinny:

PAX are only allowed to speed walk the circle

Before each lap players are to complete 10 alternating lunges, 10 squats, 10 push-ups

after each lap and before they begin exercises the are to find a partner to play rock, paper, scissors with and first to win starts their exercises again if you are the loser you also do 10 star jumps before your exercises then lap again….

it was soooooooo HOT after all that so we decided to wrap it up and take shelter in the shade for a few ab exercises and stretches with smooth operator!!!!

great job ladies and thanks for sticking through all the game directions and heat!!!!

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