Sumo Hops 4 Corners

7 PAX at AO The Thicket on this cold, windy with light hail Saturday morning. 

~ Warm up ~

Stretch legs & arms

20 quad pulls

20 windmills

20 knee grabs 

20 jumping jacks

20 arm circle front & back

1 park lap

~ The Thang ~

4 corners – as a group 

10 Push-ups at starting mat

Run to next cone

20 Backward lunges

Run to next cone

30 sumo squats with a hop up top

Run to next cone

40 bicep curls with weights 

Run to mats at the start – As quick as we can.

60 second rest 

4 corners X4

After 4 corners we started on our ab exercises.

Bicycles 20 each leg – ful leg extension

Russian twists 20 each sides – weighted

Abs X4 

We also did my favorite yoga pose in between each set. Flat on your back, breathing for 30 seconds.

We ended the workout with a bunch of additional stretches, stretching our arms and legs.

Prayers, COT, a little light hail and hugs for Salsa Verde as she leaves for her trip out of the country. Safe travels to her. See you when you get back FiA sister!!

Before the workout Harley Quinn and I Rucked 3.3 miles on the beautiful trails in the park.

These super hero ladies Rucked 3.3 miles and watched the sun come together! FiA Strong

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