Sunny Day Circuit

A bright, crisp day in December.  Perfect day for a Q.

My kids wondered where their friends were.  Other (non-FiA) moms and kids showed up after we finished.  Tis a busy season.

The Thang:

4 stations with one All-Together exercise between rounds.  With only 3 PAX, Pinterest and Kodak buddied up while Tiny Dancer led at the station ahead of them to demo the moves.  Tabata style. 1 minute work, 10 seconds to move & rest between stations.  I need to download a different timer app b/c the one I had messed up a couple times, but we made it work, FiA style.

Stations & Rounds:

Arms                     Cardio                                   Legs                                                       Abs                                        All Together

1 Tricep Dips       Snow Shoe                         Reg Squat + Fire Hydrant (alt)     Fire LBC (top ½ pulse)    Step Up w/R on bench

2 Hammer Curl  Grapevine around table                Reg Squat + Donkey Kick (alt)     Slow Bicycle                        Incline plank + alt leg lft

3 Zopman Curl* Star Jacks                             Narrow Squat + Battement (R)  Pin-up w/ Ankle Cross   Step Up w/L on bench

4 Reverse Curl   High Knees                         Narrow Squat + Battement (L)   Slow heel push in/out    Tricep Dips

5 Dumbbell Row R      Fast Feet           Sumo Squat + small hop          Oblique Side Bends         Hop/Step up/down curb

6 Dumbbell Row L       Butt Kickers        Sumo Squat + side leg lift (alt)    Pilates V w/ pulse arms In/Decline pushups!!!

Since the timer told us when to go/stop, we chatted throughout Thang, and ended with a NameORama.

It’s a good day for a good day. #bettertogether

*Zopman Curl is what I think the guy said in the YouTube video I watched.  It is ½ Bicep Curl up and ½ Reverse Curl down.  Rotating weight 180 degrees at the top and bottom of the curl. at 4:40

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