Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

I woke up this morning in a super FUNK… not the good kind.  Life has been kicking my 🍑 the past few days.  I thrive on being active and feeling good physically so being bed ridden the past 3 days got me down in a slump.  But per the usual, my FIA sisters saved the day.  We had a bright faced new FIA join and she was all smiles.  We also had two FIA’s over 60 (RESPECT RESPECT).  And of course who can’t smile with Tiny Dancer around?!  They turned my frown upside down and left me feeling blessed.

I was a hot mess this morning.. my phone crashed just before the workout and I lost all my apps so my tabatta timer app.. gone.. my music apps with playlist… gone! So we improvised and counted reps instead of timing the moves.

We did 3 sets of each workout:

25 Down dog pushups, 30 Imperial Squats, 30 Mountain Climbers

20 Squat Press, 30 Plank Jacks, 20 Superman

40 Bicycles, 20 Plank Shoulder Taps, 50 Static squat punches

Fun was had by all.  Our new FNG (Kodak) is a doll and we’re so happy to have her.  What I love most about FIA is when one of us is weak, we can count on others to be strong.

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