TABATA Beatdown

6 PAX came out on an early cloudy morning for a Tabata beatdown.

We started with some solo stretches while I explained the beatdown. I barrowed this beatdown from Jitter is Aiken, SC. Thanks for the great beatdown girl!

~The Thang~

Tabata Circuits:  20sec exercise 10sec rest with a minute rest after each circuit.

Circuit #1:  

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Jump Squat 

Jumping Jacks

Sumo Squats         

Calf Raises                 

Curtsy Lunge

Circuit #2: 



Mt Climbers

Plank Jacks

Skull Crushers               

Hammer Curls              

Side Arm Raise

Circuit #3: 

Flutter Kick

Leg Raises

Scissor Kick

Reverse Crunch

Russian Twist                


Raggedy Anne’s

Circuit #4: 

Imperial Walker 

Jump Rope

Side Lunge

Squat Jacks

Hold Sumo Squat with Flys          

Narrow Squats with Upright Front Rows

Tricep Kickbacks     

We finished up with COT, parayer, and name-o-rama.

~Harley Quinn~

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