Take A Chance

So excited to Q at the hideout because it is a great location with tons of opportunity and space and is so well lit!! Today we had 9 PAX arrive to “Take a Chance” on the hideout… I decided to do a really fun circuit of stations today that everyone seemed to really enjoy!! We worked in pairs of 2 cause we are #bettertogether !!!


We did a few Arm stretches, some Butt kickers & Windmills IC to start the hearts

The Thang

Each group started at a different station, at each station we worked for 6 minutes then we had 1 minute of rest to grab water and move to the next station which was just enough time.

Station 1: Roll the dice to decide which exercise you are doing x 20  reps then roll again

Station 2: Flip a coin heads= bicep curls, tails= dead lifts then flip again and work your way through each flip from top to bottom of the list x 20 reps each

Station3: Deck of Death flip a card and # on card= reps, suit on card = exercise

Station 4: Work your way through each set one at a time (ex. 1 bicycle crunch set, 1 glute bridge, 2 bicycles 2 glute bridges…to 10 reps) once finished move to next set or skip around

Station 5: This is an app that is free (we like to use it to pick dinner LOL its called Tiny Decisions) i filled it with all cardio exercises and we spin the wheel and do 15 reps then spin again

Finished with a few minutes to spare after 5 rounds of 6 minute stations with 1 minute rest so straight shooter led us in a few stretches which i grabbed my mess…. we circled up for prayers and Name-O-Rama and we alson had a FNG to name

Our FNG- Theresa Hoback comes to us from a recent facebook post i created this week hoping to build the crowd in hickory flat area!!! yayyyy She is really into mountain biking and we settled on spokes as she seemed to like that so welcome spokes can’t wait to see you at the next beatdown!!!

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