Tax Day with form 1040EZ

7 PAX showed up on this once again cold and very windy morning at AO The Union!!! We really thought we were past the cold weather but apparently we were not!!! Today is April 15th which is TAX Day and I love a good theme so I am the Q!! We had a 90’s Alternative playlist which was a hit!!!


Arm Circles (forward and back)

TTT IC x 15 (which was so many)

Toy Soldiers

High Knees

We then did a Indian Run around the parking lot circle to get to the other side where we would get started!!

The Thang

So basically we were making a circle around the parking lot…. started at the 10 and did the 10 reps then did a EZ traveling Route to the 40 did the reps then took a lap around the lot and back to the 10 for the next reps and then route and then 40….. etc.

10 Reps:

Jump Squats

Mountain Climber with a push-up

Star Jumps

1/2 Burpees

Shoulder Tap (sets)

EZ Traveling Route:


Imperial Squat walkers

Power Skip

High Knees

Leutenant Dans

40 Reps:

Bicep Curls

Russian Twists (80 total/40sets)

Little Baby Crunches (LBC’s)

Upright Rows

Bicycle Crunches (80 total/40 sets)

We finished up a little early with enough time to do bag of arms and abs we each pulled 1 stick from each bag and did 15 reps for tax day: Tricep Dips, Around the World, Lateral Raises, Shoulder Press, Bicep Curls, Front Arm Raises, Hammer Curls, Scissors, In & outs, Russian Twists, LBC’s, Sea Turtles, Toe Taps, Big Girl Sit-ups

Circled up for COT & Name-O-Rama…. silent prayers for Smooth Operator, prayers for wilson’s mom having heart surgery

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