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To be clear, if you haven’t read the masterpiece that is Ragdoll’s BB “Thangs Ladies Love at The Forge – F3 Nashville”, do yourself a favor and check it out here:

I was inspired.

Yes, I do love Chick Fil A and can often be seen there in my swagger wagon and yoga pants.  This in fact, would likely be after KonMari-ing some area of my home, and definitely sometime around my Birthday.  So I decided that this joyful beatdown needed to be brought to Cherokee (GA).  And we definitely needed a lot of sparking to warm up in the 26 degree weather.  Winter did a fake-out last week!

Tuesday mornings at The Den are only 45 minutes, and usually have ~13-15 people, so I expanded the parking lot 4 more spaces to make it 10.  The chilly weather kept some cozy in their fart sacks though & we had a total of 8 PAX.  Which meant, No line No waiting!  There was always a parking space available.  (tip) Next time I Q with this, we’ll just “Park Cars” the whole time because it would have been enough.

Thang: Chick Fil A parking lot

Picture a parking lot; with no medians or bumpers.  10 neighboring parking spaces have cones in them – Reserved for X exercise – and a mat or weight if it’s needed for said exercise.  The opposite side of the row is wide open and clear for different modes of transportation.  In search of an open parking space, PAX circle around the lot according to the mode of transportation listed: Mosey, Duck Walk, Gorilla or Cartwheel (YES!<3), Crawl Bear, Big Skip, Side Shuffle, Toy Soldier, Long Jump, Cartwheel or Gorilla, Sprint.

PAX enter a space, do the exercise that is indicated, and then do a lap around the parking lot in search of another space, while being sure to change the mode of transportation accordingly. No double parking!

The parking spaces were reserved for:


Imperial Squat Walkers,

Spiderman Pushups,


Jump Squats,

War Hammers,

Wall Balls (without the wall),

Springing Tripods,

Brock Shuffle,

1 minute Frozen V-sit.

Next Thang: KonMari

I asked one PAX for an exercise, called out a rep number, and after we did it, I asked another PAX if it “sparked joy.” (tip-I’ll set expectations better next time and remember to sprint vs mosey. I also might use pre-determined exercises and just ask the PAX if it “sparked joy.” I’m still thinking of how to tweak this part.)

We sparked a lot of KonMari joy with these PAX-suggested exercises:

Jumping Jacks, Jump Squats, Air Chair, Arm Circles, LBC’s, Plank, and Toy Soldiers.  We were all a jovial bunch b/c they all sparked joy for us so we did double doses of the reps and then ran to other parking lane and back.  (Except one trial “No” answer just to see what happened – we ran w/o repeating exercise.)

Final Thang: Birthdays

We ladies love our birthday celebrations.  Whooo!  We spelled Birthday with the exercises and did reps according to PAX’s birth-days.  I purposely saved Wonder Woman’s #22 for the American Hammers, vs the Burpees, but we still got our challenge on with Tony Hawks.


Iron Mikes

Ranger Merkins

Tony Hawk Burpees

Hydraulic Squats

Duck Walks

American Hammers (Russian Twists)


In Closing:

I read the March 5th devotionals from God Calling and Jesus Calling, which challenged us to “banish fear as you would the plague” and to remember that God can and is still working for His and our good even when we walk through troubles.  Romans 8:28

Thank you Wonder Woman for a great prayer, for grieving families and strength and hope for those being tempted with suicide.

It was an encouragement to see the sky a little brighter when we finished, and to see even more sunlight peeking out by the time I got home.  That sparked joy indeed.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.  May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” – and some sparking joy!

~ Tiny Dancer

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