The Bradley Cooper: Because He’s a 10!

Ah, Bradley Cooper! He needs no introduction, and was the inspiration for this, according to Partly Cloudy, “perfect amount of tough!” There is a running routine in the FiA Cherokee Universe called “Cooper” but it just wasn’t enough…so I mixed it up. Bradley Cooper, you’re going in the books. 7 PAX gathered together this morning. There was a beautiful orange moon, and stars in the sky….Bradley Cooper in our heads, and we got to work.

The Warm Up: Windmills, Toy Soldiers, Arm Circles Backwards and Forwards (All IC)

The Thang:

5 rounds with a lap after each round:

10 x Side Straddle Hops

10 x Merkins

10 x Squats

10 x Inchworms (OUCH!)

10 x Around the Worlds

5 Rounds with a lap after each round

10 x Squat Jump Touchdowns

10 x Imperial Walkers

10 x Toy Soldiers

10 x Big Girl Sit Ups

10 x Lateral Raises

PAX alternated rounds completing a total of 500 reps and 10 laps. WHEW! We did it! We really are better together. I had a lot of fun with all of you this morning, and many thanks for coming out.

We circled up for COT, Prayers and Praises, and Name-O-Rama!

Thank you for the inspiration, Bradley Cooper! You truly are a “10”

Until next time, Rise Up

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