The Fabulous FiA AMRAP with a Side of Paincakes

6 PAX including me, Rise Up, got together for some AMRAPS with a side of pain cakes! What are pain cakes? I’m glad you asked. Our fellow FiA Cherokee friend, Partly Cloudy, introduced them, and I didn’t think they were the worst, so I brought them to Woodstock. Thanks, Partly Cloudy! Anywhoosie, we did a lot of stretching, and this and that and some side straddle hops in cadence, and I explained

THE THANG! 5 AMRAP Rounds, 5 minutes, 20 reps each. (After the first round I switched the reps to 10)

1: Arms

Front Raises – 20

Lateral Raises – 20

Bent Over Rows – 20

Tricep Kickbacks – 20

Chicken Wings to Overhead Press – 20

We took a long lap around the ampitheater, and then we did a 2 minute round of pain cakes. Pain cakes are one BG Sit Up and one Push Up in the same move. 2 minutes. YAAAAAAS!!!

2: Abs

Leg Lifts – 10

Rosalitas – 10

Pretzel Crunches – 10

In and Outs – 10

Penguins – 10

Lap around the ampitheater, but skipped the pain cakes. My tabata timer was on the fritz, and we were running out of time.

3: Squats

Squat Thrusters – 10

Sumo Squats – 10

Prisoner Squats – 10

Narrow Squats – 10

Plie Squats with Calf Raise – 10

4: Lunges

Curtsy Lunges – 10

Side Lunges – 10

Fire Hydrants – 10

Donkey Kicks – 10

Glute Bridges with Leg Raise – 10

5: Cardio

Jumping Jacks – 10

Mountain Climbers – 10

High Knees – 10

Push Ups – 10

Big Girl Sit Ups – 10

Well, due to time constraints we only got through 4 rounds, but it was a lot of fun. We took a picture, and circled up for COT where we prayed for people in the path of Hurricane Dorian, Fast Forward and her baby, and all of our FiA Sisters facing struggles with health and life. It was a fun and awesome day.

Until Next Time,

Rise Up

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