The Leg Conveyor Belt

Friday the 13th didn’t scare us away from today’s beatdown; we even had an FNG today (Welcome, Compass!).

I opted for a leg-focused workout today and boy did we work them in a whole bunch of ways.

We warmed up with a few arm circles while the disclaimer was shared and moved on to some high knees to warm up the legs.

The Thang – Leg Conveyor Belt

I set up 8 stations spread out across the bus lanes. Each station had a different leg exercise to do for 45 seconds and then we used the next 15 seconds to move to the next station and get ready to work. Each PAX started a different station so we could spread out a bit. Mats were placed at Stations 5, 6, and 7 and weights were at station #3. We made it through 3 rounds of:

Station #1: Squats with alternating leg lift

Station #2:Imperial Walkers

Station #3: dead lifts

Station #4: monkey humpers

Station #5: Fire hydrants (switch legs half way through)

Station #6: donkey kicks (switch legs half way through)

Station #7: Bear squats

Station #8: Hold a chair sit

We then did a round of “Sally” and then had time to work our arms for a couple of minutes. So we did batwings, hallelujahs, and Moroccan night clubs for a whole song, 15 bicep curls, 15 tricep kickbacks, 15 overhead presses, and various versions of around the world (a count of 10 each one). We then named our FNG (Welcome to Andi Hendrix, aka Compass), did COT and were on our way.

We shall see which leg muscle hurts the most later on!

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