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May 27, 2019

  • When: 05/27/2019
  • Q: Wonder Woman
  • Pax: Smooth Operator, Partly Cloudy, Inspector Gadget, Board-O, Bourbon, Risie-Up, Chocolate Chip, Trailblazer

9 PAX at AO The Union this morning completing a workout to honor one of our nations hero’s.

This morning at 5:00 am we started “The MURPH” workout. Murph – LT. Michael P. Murphy (NAVY SEAL) was the officer in charge of a four man SEAL team in Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan. During this battle he and his team came upon enemy fire and he deliberately put his life on the line so that at least one of his team members could obtain the objected data and take it back to base camp.

This is a workout LT. Murphy did every day.

We ran at least a mile before the workout. Many of us got in 2 miles. Then we started the workout at 5:30. We modified it to make it work for us and still be an amazing challenge. We had 5 rounds that we pushed through and got done. We marked off 1-5 as we made it happen. Great job ladies. You all ROCK!! I am so proud to be a part of this amazing group of amazing ladies.

We ended the workout with our 1 mile after and had a COT. Partly Cloudy lead our prayer thanking God for our life as we remember those that have given theirs for our freedom. We had a few hugs, a few laughs & a nameorama!

9 Strong, Energetic, beautiful & amazing ladies.

Wonder Woman_GA
Wonder Woman_GA

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