The One Where We Mixed It Up

Here we are! Straight Shooter and me teamed up and mixed it up, and kicked our own butts. We both wore purple because she read the memo in my head. Memo stated: “Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone wore purple today? Too cool! It was so awesome getting this one on one time with this awesome and amazing woman! Bridget, thank you! So we did some warm up stretches: Across the body sweeps, Overhead sweeps, Toy Soldiers, some leg and calf stretches, and on to

The Thang:

Basically, I got a bunch of different exercises and reps, wrote them on lined yellow paper, and put them in a hat. It was literally a mixed bag of exercises.

30 second plank

15 jump squats

40 mountain climbers

15 push ups

20 jumping jacks

40 squats

Jack Webs: 1:4 ratio of push ups and hallelujahs total of 10 push ups and 40 hallelujahs

Lt. Dan: 1:4 ratio of squats and lunges total of 10 squats and 40 lunges

10 push ups

35 big girl sit ups

30 squats

15 jump squats

40 bicep curls

60 second plank

20 flutter kicks (each side)

20 squats

20 limb raises (each side)

30 limb raises

25 jumping jacks

50 lunges (25 each side)

30 lunges

Captain Thor: 1:4 ratio big girl sit ups and russian twists total of 10 big girl sit ups and 40 russian twists

30 mountain climbers

40 high knees

Somewhere in the middle we took a two lap power walk, and ended with 5 minutes of cool down stretches. Then we closed with a fun and loud COT where we prayed over our FiA sisters, and name-o-rama. It was hot, humid and very fun. Thanks again, Bridget. I loved spending this time with you.

Until next time,

Rise Up

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