The Rucking Dead

15 PAX made it happen on an early Thursday morning at AO Foxtrot. 3 PAX started out at 5:00 AM before the workout with a gloomy park Ruck for over 1.5 miles. As the Rucker’s trotted back to their starting point the other 12 PAX were setting out their mats and weights to stretch and get it done together. The workout was GORUCK Ruck workout Day 7.

Ruck 1 Mile

10 sets:

10 Dead Lifts

10 Walking Lunges

10 Ruck Push-ups

The ladies push through the whole workout. Some of the ladies had their Rucks on during the whole workout and some used their hand weights. The mats were a nice little cushion for our hands on the 100 push-ups that we did ALL TOGETHER! The workout was a challenge that all PAX met head on and did an amazing job. Great job ladies.

At this point Smooth Operator took over the Q.

We ran a lap around the parking lot.

We did 7 minutes total of Abs. FiA’s choice.

18 reps of each exercise since it is the 18th day of the month.

We did 7 minutes of stretching led by Smooth Operator.

Followed by COT, prayers, praise and the Nameorama.

15 amazing ladies! 15 moms or ladies that take care of small children, 15 very busy, stressed, tired, working hard, playing hard, take on the world daily ladies … got up, out of a warm bed, took time for themselves and together made themselves just a little better. Congratulation ladies for loving yourself enough to do this small thing for yourself. You deserve to love yourself … YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Originally posted to FiA Nation