The Wildcat Shuttle

6 beautiful ladies joined me bright and early this morning at Foxtrot! 36 degrees with a slight breeze did not stop them in getting in a full body beatdown either! What a great way to start the day!
We started off with some stretches to our legs and arms, then on to high knees to warm up those frozen legs, toy soldiers, and jumping jacks in cadence.

To get our bodies ready to run the Wildcat shuttle, we did an Indian Run around the parking lot while shouting out our favorite vacation spot (I think we are all ready for Spring Break now!), and then our favorite desserts, yumm!!!!

Then on to the real Thang:

First up was the song “Put Your Hands up in the Air” by Danzel.  We made sure to raise the roof all the way to the end of this song, and let me tell you, our arms were on fire!  Hallelujahs for 3 1/2 minutes! Woohooo!!!

Then on to the Wildcat Shuttle, in support of my Alma Mater Kentucky Wildcats and March Madness!  Go Cats!!  This shuttle (aka Suicide run) is run Dora style.  The orange cones were placed with one every 4 parking lot lines, and there were 3 points to run to, and back.  One partner started the shuttle run, while the other started the reps listed on the board above.  Doing this Dora style meant you and your partner would work together to get in all of the reps before moving on to the next exercise on the list.  Once the runner made it all the way to the last cone, they would do 5 star jumps before running back to pick up where your partner left off!!

100 Merkins

200 Big Girl Sit-ups

300 Squats with overhead press (can use weights for the press)

Next we did what I call The Ring of Fire.  I know there are a few versions of this, but this one involves Johnny Cash’s song, “Ring of Fire”.  I played the song, and we would hold an air chair until we heard a horn blow.  Then we would do a burpee at each blow of the horn.  Then back to the air chair until the next horn.  And let me tell you, we were “burn, burn, burning” by the end of it!

And lastly, we did the Kris Kross Jump!  This one is still a work in progress, but I thought I would throw it out there and see what feedback my FiA sisters could give me.  I played the song, “Jump”, by Kris Kross, and we started in a plank position with our arms straight.  Every time the song said “Jump Jump”, we would plank jack twice.  Then hold the extended plank the rest of the song.  Feedback was, everyone’s shoulders were on fire!!  This song will probably make another appearance, but I am going to test out a few more versions of it. 🙂

After we were nice and toasty, we took prayer requests and circled up.  We prayed for those that are seeking the needed treatments for their illness, the Doctors that treat them, our FiA sister who is going through treatment today, families that have suffered loss and are in need of God’s Grace and comfort, and praises for a sweet baby angel that is recovering from surgery.  We thanked our Lord for our strength, health, and this amazing day, and asked him to watch over us and our loved ones. Then we jumped into the name-O-Rama and said our goodbye’s.

We are still collecting underwear for all ages, for Must Ministries, so please remember to grab some when you head to the store! Give them to Partly Cloudy or Straight Shooter when you see them please!
Make sure you are checking off those Bingo Boxes!  Only a few days left!!

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